Intermediale 2021

Intermediale  2021


15.10.2021, 19:00, Legnickie Centrum Kultury

odbo oqpo (IT/SI)

Slovenian-Italian trio creating a sonic blend of psychedelic improvised music: spanning from contemporary electroacoustic pieces to space-free-jazz a la Sun Ra. Thay work on futes and electronics – Paolo Pascolo, drums and percussions – Vid Drasler and modular synthesizer – Alberto Novello. odbo opqo has been invited to present its music in renowned international festival and clubs for contemporary music such as Interpenetration Graz, Brda Jazz Festival, Vinyl Zagreb, Zavod Sploh Lubiana, Werkplats fuhr Improvisatie Muziek, Zurich, JazzMatec, among others.

White Nerve Connection (PL)

Audiovisual project founded in 1997 that focuses on developing the tradition of surrealist musique concrète, field recording and plunderphonics, sometimes dipped in ambiental or ethnic sauce. To create musical collages, the group uses aleatoric techniques, captured recordings from various parts of the world and drones produced on the basis of synthesis and recordings. The group has performed at many festivals of contemporary music, such as Transwizje, Temple of Silence, Intermediale Festival, or Wrocław Industrial Festival. The fruit of their stage activities are four live albums and recordings on several compilation albums.

Pin Park (PL)

Pin Park is a duo formed by Maciek Bączyk and Maciek Polak. Their music, characterized by technological melancholy, strongly refers to the climate of electronic avant-garde of the past decades. The musicians use unusual architecture and unique sounds of synthesizers of the legendary British company EMS. They use the potential of these instruments and expand it with the experience of contemporary electronic trends. kinoMANUAL is an audiovisual manufacture created by Aga Jarząb and Maciek Bączyk. The duo focuses on experiments with moving image, analogue projection, animation and synesthetic audiovisual combinations. During Pin Park’s concerts, Aga Jarząb takes on the role of VJ, mixing live kinoMANUAL animations to live electronic sound.

16.10.2021, 19:00, Legnickie Centrum Kultury

Inire (PL)

Rhizome, an audiovisual project built on voices, field recordings, and electronically generated
harmonic structures whose parts are juxtaposed in such a way as to build a non-hierarchical texture open to interpretation. Each harmonic element has equal rights to ask whether in the process of hearing we separate what is natural in sounds from what is technological.

Laura Llaneli (ES)

Lives and works in Barcelona. She studied music and has a degree in Graphic Design. She has also a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in Sound Art, both from the University of Barcelona. She is a member of Sons de Barcelona (UPF) and the feminist collective Nenazas. „Vibrrration Through” is a concert that starts from the exploration of different materials amplified with contact loudspeakers. It arises from the research of the project „Palpitar Palpar” in which the voice is transferred to sculptures that palpitate according to their body and their way of filtering sound. Through minimal vibrations from the voice and midi sounds, the concert highlights the corporeality of the materials and changes in each place where it is activated.

12.11.2021, 19:00, Legnickie Centrum Kultury

Krzysztof Pawlik (PL)

Audiovisual performance „Dimensions” is a composition inspired by the idea of contemporary functions, limitations and possibilities of experimental electronic music, created on analogue generators, using modular synthesis and field recordings. Its shape refers to the experiments of Polish Radio Experimental Studio, as well as to the idea of composing as a process taking place without computers. The project was implemented as part of the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports of the Republic of Poland.

Chimera (IT)

Composition in real time for three composers and electroacoustic instruments by Fabrizio Casti, Elio Martusciello and Roberto Zanata.

“Having the opportunity to write about improvisation and instant composition is an intriguing challenge because it forces us to put on paper a series of reflections that belong to our artistic practice. Initially conceived more as a practice of exercise and research of creative material, it has evolved in the will of contributing to facing this discipline with its own distinctive autonomy and dignity. CHIMERA is a sort of “meditation in movement”, a vessel in which new knowledge and new techniques can flow from time to time.”


15.10. – 22.11.2021, Art Galery RING

SIGNAL.NOISE – Radio Internazionale (PL)

SIGNAL.NOISE is an exhibition by Radio Internazionale, a group associated with the Intermediale Festival from the very beginning.
The main inspiration for the video arts presented here are chaotic and constantly changing social relations as well as anomalies and disruptions in cross-cultural communication. The presented works are mainly created using the cut-up collage technique, both in terms of sound and visuals. They combine new video technologies with the archeology of the moving image. The exhibition consists of multi-channel video installations inspired by the theme of communication and its disruptions.

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