Intermediale 2023

Intermediale FESTIVAL 2023

13.10-19.11.2023 >Legnica >Poland



Legnickie Centrum Kultury
Sala Maneżowa, ul. Chojnowska 2
Legnica, Poland

13.10.2023, 19.00


Inire is a project that fuses the concepts of composition, performance, improvisation, recording, and mastering. Their music is more of a sound exploration, straddling sound art, field recording, noise, and references to classic 20th-century music. The use of analog modular audio and video systems, which emphasize the fluid boundary between the use of new and old media, is particularly significant in this context. Audiovisual performance presented at Intermediale will be an interpretation of ecology of attention issue in art and digital culture.



Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic composer Hainbach (born 1978, Freiburg im Breisgau) creates experimental music that is both visceral and whimsical. Using esoteric synthesizers, test equipment and magnetic tape he creates “one hell of a trip” in his live sets and recorded music. He shares techniques on experimental music on his YouTube channel, which has attracted an ever growing audience of more than 180000 subscribers and over 16 Million views, with several videos going viral. His body of work includes film soundtracks, pop productions, chamber music, theater music, sound art installations and music software. Hainbach’s music has been featured in Pitchfork, The Wire, Bandcamp Daily, Bleep and Boomkat.


14.10.2023, 19.00

NiemannsLand & Simon Fog Petersen (DK)

In this live performance, NiemannsLand's visual expression merges with Simon Fog-Petersen's musical universe. Sound and image meld into an organic symbiosis, where auditory impulses from modular synthesizers interact with abstract visuals, giving rise to a hypnotic interplay of colors and shapes. The audience is invited on a journey into an ambient and dub-infused sound universe, where the boundaries of the visual and auditory are explored.


Dalila Kayros & Danilo Casti (IT)

In Dalila Kayros and Danilo Castis’ music, the song form is combined in a refined way with electronic elements avant-garde, creating a distinctive atmosphere characterized by dark and experimental sounds. This musical fusion goes beyond genres, recalling influences from different sound territories. Powerful voice and ritualistic atmosphere ranges across a broad spectrum of mood, from the contemplative to the ferocious. Kayros collaborates regularly with the electronic musician Danilo Casti. Together, they created the album 'Animami', released for Subsound Records in 2022. The project was presented in several European tours and in 2023 in the United States, with a tour between California and Mexico.


20.10.2023, 19.00

The Consonants (IT/PL)

The audiovisual performance Fill in the Squares is the result of the cooperation of four musicians, composers and performers, appearing as The Consonants: Malgorzata Dancewicz, Krzysztof Pawlik, Sandro Mungianu, Roberto Zanata. It is an analog and digital improvised composition for modular audio and video systems, software and wind instruments (saxophone, clarinet). Improvisation is based on the quadrature process, understood as a series of performative repetitions performed in real time.


michaluk x radzikows (PL)

michaluk x radzikows an audio-visual duo that navigates the aesthetics of noise, drone, postdigital with an emphasis on their custom synthesis and sound and image processing modules, sometimes supporting themselves with external devices and electronic instruments. Their works are characterized by reactive approach - all actions are generated live by the author's algorithms. Mutual correlation and influence (image to sound and sound to image) occurs in real time between two computers. The whole is immersed in the noise of all shades of post-digitality, the structures of which swiftly morph between each other, sometimes drifting off into turmoil and sometimes into the silence and stillness of the machine.


21.10.2023, 19.00

Gerard Lebik (PL)

Sound artist, improviser/composer, saxophonist. Artistic director and curator of the Sanatorium of Sound Festival in Sokołowsko/Poland. Works with experimental, improvised, and intermedia music focused on issues such as the perception and propagation of sound waves, time disorder, psychoacoustic, or sound relation with architecture and urban context. His outputs, installations, and sound interventions in public spaces are based on white noise, sine waves, feedback, binaural and multi-channel sound. As a performer he is active in the field of electroacoustic improvisation music (EAI), playing the saxophone and electronics. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Wroclaw. At Intermediale Lebik will perform Wacław Szpakowski (1883–1973) Rhythmical lines.

Los Sara Fontan (ES)

When Los Sara Fontan started playing around 2017, they decided to do it without recording any albums. Never. An anti-industry “quijotada” that even so has allowed them to play and surprise hundreds of spectators during their shows (close to 200) throughout Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, England or Portugal. Nobody knew what to expect and the surprise effect amplified what came from the stage: an experimental duo, with just a violin, a keyboard and a drum kit, with an arsenal of pedals and effects and resources to go from contemporary to electronics, from the atmospheric to the unbridled in a few seconds. His music was born and died on stage and that volatility turned each show into a kind of unrepeatable liturgy that remained only in the memory of those who could enjoy it.





Galeria Ring
Rynek 12
Legnica, Poland

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The festival is subsidized by funds from the budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and by the Municipality of Legnica.