The INTERMEDIALE presents live audiovisual performances and acousmatic events, often based on improvisation and often performed at various locations and broadcast live on the internet and other platforms that emphasise the theme of liveness.

The first edition of the Media Arts Presentations in Legnica took place in 1994. As a festival presenting a wide range of possibilities for using new technologies in audiovisual arts, it was then one of the first events in Poland promoting this type of activity.




The festival Intermediale and the exhibition Videosyntezy are organised by the Association of Artistic Activities NETCETERA.

Artistic Director: Krzysztof Pawlik
Chief Curator: Małgorzata Dancewicz





For Polish artists of the early 1990s, video was a newly discovered medium. From a global perspective, however, video art has been developing for more than 30 years. The Presentations in Legnica offered an overview of the latest Polish productions, as well as a broad spectrum of what had happened so far in an international context.
Experimental electronic music, musique concrète, acousmatics, generative and modular music, as well as popular genres such as industrial, drone and ambient music combined on equal grounds with image and video have become a permanent feature of the Festival’s repertoire.

The Festival’s activities in the 1990s were summed up in the publication of the ‘Simulacra Soundscape’ CD, a collection of music presented during the previous editions of the Presentations in Legnica.

 The next decade of the INTERMEDIALE’s presence on the experimental music scene was summed up with the ‘Simulacra Soundscape 2’ CD. The release ‘Simulacra Soundscape 3’, featuring the recordings of selected artists performing within the INTERMEDIALE this is the summary of this chapter.

21st century

The Presentations in Legnica mainly promoted audiovisual works in the form of video art reviews, exhibitions and installations. In 2000, it transformed its formula into the INTERMEDIALE Festival, promoting mainly live activities, concerts and performances based on the creative use of experimental music in interaction with live video – productions where sound, image, performer and recipient form a complementary whole.

The everyday of social media and ‘digital age’ communication in general, as well as concerts and events offering the opportunity to interact with digital art performed and received here and now, constitute the most important points of the INTERMEDIALE Festival.

Since the change in the Festival’s framework, the INTERMEDIALE has presented works of art, often premieres or commissioned programmes, from more than 100 artists from Poland and other countries. Since 2004, the festival has been accompanied by multimedia workshops for secondary school and university students, initiated as part of the Presentations in Legnica with the Amiga stage and the demoscene.

The projects presented here focus on the subject of ‘liveness’ – direct and indirect reception of art, both digital and analogue, as introduced into the field of curatorial interests by performativity and media studies. ‘Liveness’ defines how the relationship between the creator, the work and the recipient is formed, the level of their interdependence when acting live, and whether their interactions are being intermediated. Changes in mass and social communication, as well as in the ways of communication through art – all of which have been caused by the increasingly popular electronic media in our lives – have brought this aspect to the fore.